The Writings of Deacon George Collins

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Advent (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Lord wants commitment!  Love demands commitment!"

Advent Journey (RCIA):  Full Text

"Heaven is not an endless parade of days in a state of Joy, but an immersion into a state of endless joy."

Aging:  Full Text

"God made us to grow old, for aging is a special source of His grace.  Aging increases the dignity and fullness of our baptism."

A Lenten Story - Good Friday AfternoonFull Text

“Where were you this morning?”  “Why what happened?”  “Didn’t you hear?  They killed Jesus this morning!”

Applause (RCIA):  Full Text

"The easy road is conformity to society."

Apocalypse Numerology/Symbolism (RCIA):  Full Text

"Apocalypse is a book for encouragement to be faithful to truth, and a reminder of the consequence of sin and persecution."

Ark of the Covenant (RCIA):  Full Text

"Yahweh instructed Moses to build a container to save specific items by which he saved His people as a reminder of His covenant with them."

Ash Wednesday Service:  Full Text

"When we open ourselves to the Lord, marvelous things can happen! "

Baptism of Jesus:  Full Text

"Of all the religious movements in Palestine on the eve of Christianity, none is more directly connected to Jesus than the ministry of John the Baptist."

Baptism, Light of the WorldFull Text

"Baptism is a sign of God’s unconditional LOVE, not a legal requirement that must be performed."

Baptism is a Covenant (RCIA):  Full Text

"When we see baptism only as a ritual to be performed, which is not an end in itself, we are defeated before we even start, for there is no conviction of faith."

Beatitudes:  Full Text

"The Beatitudes reach their ultimate perfection in the risen Jesus.  The Jesus who is our example, who is our role model."

Becoming Real:  Full Text

"When God loves you for a long, long time it's not just a dream, for His love is real."

A Christian Father:  Full Text

"My brothers and cousins have never suffered.  We feel it resulted from Grandpa's heroic witness to his faith."

Community (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Church and its people have a unity with Christ, and have a living unity with one another.  This is what we call the MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST"

Covenant (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Covenant theme is the background for the whole New Testament and the Old Testament, even when it is not explicitly noted."

Covenant of Love (RCIA):  Full Text

"True mutual love first seeks exclusivity in order to fully reveal itself."

The Cross and the Crucifix (RCIA):  Full Text

"The crucifix assures us that there is no redemption except from sin."

Deaconate:  Full Text

"The Deaconate is a ministry of service, but there can be no service without love, for it is only love that brings about service."

Decide (RCIA):  Full Text

"True love can not be forced; it must be committed to.  It must be devoted to.  It must be a free choice devotion freely extended to the object of our affection.  There is no room for middle of the road.

Equity (RCIA):  Full Text

"Equity and fairness lead to justice.  Justice leads to forgiveness and forgiveness leads to peace."

Eucharist (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Eucharist is a renewal.  It is modeled upon both the Jewish evening meal of blessings and the prayers of the Passover meal."

Eulogy (Deacon George's Funeral Mass):  Full Text

"George treasured the greatness of ordinary life, and he appreciated and communicated God’s love for us in our every day ordinary experiences."

Fathers:  Full Text

"What kind of a harvester should a good father be? ... A man of integrity: a promise-keeper who fulfills his vow to love his wife all of his life."

Feeling Lost (RCIA):  Full Text

"Jesus has left us, but He sends us the Holy Spirit to direct and sanctify our souls."

Gift Giving:  Full Text

"Let us recognize the real blessings in our lives:  the gift of God’s love for us which He shows in many ways."

Good  Samaritan:  Full Text

"The community of believers is where the treasury of faith exists."

Happy Mother's Day:  Full Text

"Did we ever consider how she may fret over the usefulness of her life?  Secrets she holds quietly in her heart."

Heaven:  Full Text

"At the sight of real truth, we will be measured."

Holy Trinity:  Full Text

"Trinity is the first in importance of all the truths of faith; it deals with God’s life as He is.  A perfection that boggles our minds."

Idleness (RCIA):  Full Text

"Our salvation is in the humility of admitting our human weakness that we share with others, and in striving to fulfill God’s plan through loving action to all."

Idolatry (RCIA):  Full Text

"Idolatry is high treason against our Baptismal covenant."

Implications of Biblical Numbers (RCIA):  Full Text

 Reference material.

Jonah (RCIA):  Full Text

"The use of the belly of the whale is a literary device indicating the pit of death."

Joy (RCIA):  Full Text

"What is joy?  It is the satisfaction of generosity, forgiveness, forbearance; of justice, mercy, compassion; all the virtues of life."

Lazarus and the Rich Man (RCIA):  Full Text

"That which seems rejected by society may be closer to heaven than we are."

Lent (RCIA):  Full Text

"The first consideration is my own short comings. What do I recognize in me that needs to be improved?"

Lost Goats:  Full Text

"How often do we think that what we do is so insignificant in the overall scheme of the world's transgressions that we will not be noticed.  God sees all things!"

Manual for a Good Shepard:  Full Text

"To be a shepherd is to be a guardian and leader."

Marriage Preparation:  Full Text

"To be true to each other is called "justice."  To serve each other is called "intimacy."

Mass (Order of, Terms, RCIA):  Full Text

"Mass is the sacrament of sacrifice for our redemption, through which the merit of Jesus’ sacrifice is applied to our souls."

Memorial Day:  Full Text

"The memory of love is what Memorial Day is all about."

Metamorphosis:  Full Text

"Gods’ plan for life is a mystery but Odelva’s life was meant to teach us how to love."

Mind Power:  Full Text

"Science is not wisdom.  Wisdom is how to apply the power of the mind using the scientific realities already created by God."

Mystogia, a Vision of Bearing Fruit (RCIA):  Full Text

"Now is the time to develop our full potential, so we may inspire future harvests by our love of God."

Name:  Full Text

"What do you say the Eucharist is?  The bread of life.  No--no--no.  If your faith tells you it is the Son of God, now we’re getting somewhere."

Odyssey of the Grape:  Full Text

"What a wonderful destiny that the grape should become the medium by which God communicates grace and life to His people of faith."

Parousia (RCIA Notes on the Second Coming):  Full Text

"The glorious return and appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as judge of the living and the dead..."

PartnershipFull Text

"A new face for seduction is called partnership.  Working together is the new catch phrase to get around the separation of church and state."

Passion of Christ:  Full Text

"The most striking and impressive scene in the picture, ... is when Jesus and Mary meet as Jesus is carrying His cross.  ...  “Mother, see, I make all things new.”  It explains the entire theology of the picture and the purpose of Jesus’ life.

Perfection (RCIA):  Full Text

"Humanity is on a journey to reach perfection."

Prayer - The Ongoing Conversation (RCIA):  Full Text

"The substance of our daily life is turned into prayer by our actions offered as a sacrifice to the Lord's goodness.."

Purgatory (RCIA):  Full Text

"Charity for the holy souls in purgatory is holy and meritorious before the sight of God."

Real Night before Christmas (poem):  Full Text

"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Church..."

Redemption, Incarnation and Immaculate Conception:  Full Text

"The incarnation of a divine person was necessary because God demands full atonement for our sins."

Right to Life:  Full Text

"All sinfulness will never be destroyed in this world; yet the amount of goodness in this world is up to you."
Silence is a Sacramental:  Full Text

"If we are impatient, then silence tends to scream at us; if we are reflective, then silence is all too short, very sweet and satisfying."

Sin:  Full Text

"It takes courage to ask for forgiveness, it takes courage to be humble."

Sin and Sinfulness (RCIA):  Full Text

"Individual perceptions of sin and morality may cause a great deal of confusion.  Are we free to follow our own way?"

Socialism vs. Social Justice:  Full Text

"Truth becomes an obstruction to be eliminated under the guise of subjective equality for the masses."

St. Joseph as Father:  Full Text

"The world celebrates fathers who make babies; God’s people celebrate fathers who make families.  The life of St Joseph was truly about family."

That I May See:  Full Text

"The persistent cry of blind Bartimaeus stops Jesus in his tracks."

Thoughts on Infant Baptism:  Full Text

"Faith of the parents is the foundation upon which the child grows."

Thoughts of Self (RCIA):  Full Text

"The more you are in control of yourself, the more you will love your neighbor because you will not seek to qualify who he is."

Three Stages of Life:  Full Text

"The first stage is from conception to birth.  The second is from birth to death.  The third is from death to eternal life."

NEW!!  To Pay the Debt:  Full Text

"All a lover ever wants is to be freely loved in return."

Torah and Haftorahs (Reference):  Full Text


Truth vs. Lying (RCIA):  Full Text

"One who has not been tempted has not been tested and knows little, for righteousness is proven or disproven by temptation."

A Vision:  Full Text

"As I entered this church I became awestruck when I viewed the crucifix on the wall behind the altar..."