The Writings of Deacon George Collins

                                          RCIA Lessons

Advent (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Lord wants commitment!  Love demands commitment!"

Advent Journey (RCIA):  Full Text

"Heaven is not an endless parade of days in a state of Joy, but an immersion into a state of endless joy."

Applause (RCIA):  Full Text

"The easy road is conformity to society."

Apocalypse Numerology/Symbolism (RCIA):  Full Text

"Apocalypse is a book for encouragement to be faithful to truth, and a reminder of the consequence of sin and persecution."

Ark of the Covenant (RCIA):  Full Text

"Yahweh instructed Moses to build a container to save specific items by which he saved His people as a reminder of His covenant with them."

Baptism is a Covenant (RCIA):  Full Text

"When we see baptism only as a ritual to be performed, which is not an end in itself, we are defeated before we even start, for there is no conviction of faith."

Community (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Church and its people have a unity with Christ, and have a living unity with one another.  This is what we call the MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST"

Covenant (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Covenant theme is the background for the whole New Testament and the Old Testament, even when it is not explicitly noted."

Covenant of Love (RCIA):  Full Text

"True mutual love first seeks exclusivity in order to fully reveal itself."

The Cross and the Crucifix (RCIA):  Full Text

"The crucifix assures us that there is no redemption except from sin."

Decide (RCIA):  Full Text

"True love can not be forced; it must be committed to.  It must be devoted to.  It must be a free choice devotion freely extended to the object of our affection.  There is no room for middle of the road.

Equity (RCIA):  Full Text

"Equity and fairness lead to justice.  Justice leads to forgiveness and forgiveness leads to peace."

Eucharist (RCIA):  Full Text

"The Eucharist is a renewal.  It is modeled upon both the Jewish evening meal of blessings and the prayers of the Passover meal."

Feeling Lost (RCIA):  Full Text

"Jesus has left us, but He sends us the Holy Spirit to direct and sanctify our souls."

Idleness (RCIA):  Full Text

"Our salvation is in the humility of admitting our human weakness that we share with others, and in striving to fulfill God’s plan through loving action to all."

Idolatry (RCIA):  Full Text

"Idolatry is high treason against our Baptismal covenant."

Implications of Biblical Numbers (RCIA):  Full Text

 Reference material.

Jonah (RCIA):  Full Text

"The use of the belly of the whale is a literary device indicating the pit of death."

Joy (RCIA):  Full Text

"What is joy?  It is the satisfaction of generosity, forgiveness, forbearance; of justice, mercy, compassion; all the virtues of life."

Lazarus and the Rich Man (RCIA):  Full Text

"That which seems rejected by society may be closer to heaven than we are."

Lent (RCIA):  Full Text

"The first consideration is my own short comings. What do I recognize in me that needs to be improved?"

Mass (Order of, Terms, RCIA):  Full Text

"Mass is the sacrament of sacrifice for our redemption, through which the merit of Jesus’ sacrifice is applied to our souls."

Mystogia, a Vision of Bearing Fruit (RCIA):  Full Text

"Now is the time to develop our full potential, so we may inspire future harvests by our love of God."

Parousia (RCIA Notes on the Second Coming):  Full Text

"The glorious return and appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as judge of the living and the dead..."

Perfection (RCIA):  Full Text

 "Humanity is on a journey to reach perfection."

Prayer - The Ongoing Conversation (RCIA):  Full Text

"The substance of our daily life is turned into prayer by our actions offered as a sacrifice to the Lord's goodness.."

Purgatory (RCIA):  Full Text

"Charity for the holy souls in purgatory is holy and meritorious before the sight of God."

Sin and Sinfulness (RCIA):  Full Text

"Individual perceptions of sin and morality may cause a great deal of confusion.  Are we free to follow our own way?"

Thoughts of Self (RCIA):  Full Text

"The more you are in control of yourself, the more you will love your neighbor because you will not seek to qualify who he is."

Truth vs. Lying (RCIA):  Full Text

"One who has not been tempted has not been tested and knows little, for righteousness is proven or disproven by temptation."